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World Cup 2018 TV coverage FAQ: Answering questions about Russia 2018 TV schedule

World Cup 2018 TV coverage FAQ: Answering questions about Russia 2018 TV schedule

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by December 3, 2017 FIFA World Cup News

For Football fans from the United States, we’ve compiled All the Information about the World Cup TV schedule and World Cup TV coverage in one place.

Plus we’ve answered several questions from you, the readers, and that means you have all of the information you need at your fingertips.

World Cup TV coverage FAQ:

Q: Who will be showing World Cup 2018 for viewers in the United States?

FOX Sports has the exclusive rights to World Cup 2018, while Telemundo has got the exclusive Spanish-language rights to World Cup 2018.

Q: How many games will be televised live on FOX Sports and Telemundo?

According whereas the remaining eight games will be around Universo to Telemundo, 56 of the 64 matches will be shown live on Telemundo. FOX Sports will televise the games all across its system of stations such as FOX, FS1, FS2 and FOX Football Plus.

Back in September, FOX Sports declared that over 32 of the 64 World Cup games will be on the FOX over-the-air network. But since then the United States of America failed to qualify for the World Cup, so the “greater than 32” amount could alter for the World Cup.

Q: Where is the World Cup TV schedule?

We have established a World Cup TV Schedule that unites all of the viewing choices available to football fans in the USA. We are going to continue to upgrade the World Cup TV program the moment that changes happen, so make sure you bookmark the page and continue returning so that you can be certain that you don’t miss any matches.

Q: What are the kickoff times for the World Cup 2018 games?

Since Russia is hosting the games and the country has a significant time zone difference with the United States, the kick-off times aren’t optimal for viewers in the States. Here’s the complete list of World Cup kickoff times. Most games will be at 8am, 11am and 2pm.


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